1 The pain in her heart 1
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1 The pain in her heart 1

" Lan'er.. Please forgive me not protecting you well." a young man in his twenties spoke in anguish. His eyes were blood red due to the anger and guilt. His original jade white complexion was covered with bluish marks and many cuts. His silky black hair is now disheveled as if his original countenance is an illusion.

" Big brother.. I am sorry.. I did not realize that all my letters are to trap our family.. I killed our entire army without realizing.. I.. I.." the girl's voice became faint at the end and her whole body shivered. She slumped to the ground as her legs lost all the strength. Her lips trembled and her eyes became misty as the cruel truth hit her.

" Lan'er.. I would have spared your life if you had listened to me obediently. Why did you run here?" the man in silver Armour smirked coldly " Did you think of saving your brother?"

Jun Lan's whole body quivered on hearing her husband's ruthless words and she felt a pain in heart making her voice stuck in her throat. Jun Lan is known through out the kingdom for her ugly looks. Her face is covered with a veil since birth. No one except her and her family knew her real looks. As her face is covered with a veil, no one noticed her pale complexion and trembling lips.

She was a fool in thinking that Wang Xiu married her out of love. On her wedding night she realized that he hated her to the point that he slept with other woman. She never forced him to love her. The only thing she ever asked of him was to protect her family and not to involve them in the political struggles.

She believed his words and did everything he asked her to do. She thought that those letters he asked her to send are to protect her family. Never in her dreams, she thought that she is the one responsible for the death of her family.

Her love for him died long ago, but she never hated him. But now she hated him to the depth of her bones. She wished that she could kill him with her own hands.

" Don't call me like that with your filthy mouth" Jun Lan hissed at Wang Xiu.

Wang Xiu was surprised to see her fierce eyes. His heart shook as if he was being cursed and he sub-consciously averted his gaze from her eyes.

But, he recovered immediately and his face became twisted due to anger. "Initially I wanted to kill your brother after sending you away. But, now I changed my mind. You will open your eyes and see how I am going to kill him." he pulled her hair and looked into her vacant eyes.

Wang Xiu's heart skipped a beat on seeing her beautiful almond shaped grey eyes. He never understood why a woman with ugly looks would have such beautiful eyes. Nevertheless, he did not care for her. So, he threw her onto the ground.

Jun Lan did not blink and looked at her brother with eyes devoid of any emotion. Jun Ling looked at his sister's vacant eyes and his heart ached. He cursed himself for not being able to stop her marriage. She did not live her marriage life well and now she is blaming herself for everything.

Jun Ling stared at her as tears slowly flowed down his eyes. But still, Jun Lan sat as a lifeless doll. She stared at her brother as many things came into her mind at that moment. She missed their childhood, she missed her father's chatter, she missed her mother's smile. She missed everyone. Her heart is in so much pain that she is not able to think clearly or see properly. Her breathing became hurried and she slumped to the ground breathing heavily.

On seeing his sister struggling on the ground, Jun Ling closed his eyes as he felt bitter in his heart. He never hated himself , but now he cursed himself in his heart many times. He was not able to protect his family and he had to watch his sister in pain helplessly.

Jun Lan's breath slowly got normal and she slowly lifted her head to look at her brother as she called out with a weak voice " Big Brother.."

Jun Ling immediately snapped out of his thoughts and hurriedly lifted his head. He stared his sister's eyes which are now flowing with tears.

" Big brother, I wish we had more time. I want to see the lantern festival with you. I learnt how to cook your favorite cakes but now I can't make them for you.." Jun Lan looked at her brother as she slowly spoke " I have so many things I want to do with you.."

On hearing her words, all the men around her laughed. But, Jun Lan and Jun Ling looked at each other as each had their own regrets. Jun Ling's felt the sadness behind her words and he stared at her without blinking as they are going to die very soon. He looked at her eyes which were filled with regret and guilt. Hot tears flowed down his face, he wanted to say many things to her.. but his voice became choked and he was not able to speak anything.

Jun Lan saw her brother's struggle and breathed heavily to control her emotions. " Big brother.. I can understand what you want to say.. Listen to me.."

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