History's Number 1 Founder
1486 History’s Number One Founder!
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History's Number 1 Founder
Author :August Eagle
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1486 History’s Number One Founder!


Light enveloped the Mountain in the Sky. Everyone felt as if the void was being sliced into various tiny worlds by some unseen power when they came onto the mountain, and there were parties arriving from all corners of the world.

Radiance surged around within these tiny worlds. Nobody could see clearly what was going on inside, but Jing Yun and the others knew that these were mighty beings that existed at the top of the world, and most of them had friendly relations with the Celestial Sect of Wonders.

There were other human and demon cultivators of lower masteries in the other small worlds.

Space was being separated into many parts, and everyone that was here had a spot to listen. There was no need to compete for space, and neither was there any hurdle to cross.

Everyone knew that this was the spectacle ever since Lin Feng conducted his first seminar. Just as Lin Feng himself said, every single cultivator in the world was permitted to participate, whether the @@

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