Elemental God
2 Joining A School
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Elemental God
Author :darkbolt
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2 Joining A School

During the next few years, Xuan has been playing around with the ability he discovered. He learned that the skill calls be used to recover other people's injuries, from diseases, and stamina, in return for his own stamina. It can cause him to faint upon its use, although he learned to control it to the point he won't faint.

When it was his 9th birthday he was going to go to Tomoko again and asked for the same things he did 4 years ago that he was denied. He knew she was in her room, so he walked to the room to knock on the door. Before he knocked he heard some voices talking.

"But none of the kids know how to use martial arts," he recognized this voice as Tomoko.

"I'll give you several techniques to teach the children then," this voice he couldn't recognize although it sounded like a man's voice.

"I'm not sure if their bodies are ready to use the techniques though," said Tomoko

"They should be," replied the unknown man. "How about we ask the one outside the door now?"

Xuan was shocked to hear this since he was making almost no noise at all. He opened the door and walked in. He said to the stranger, "hi"

"Hello," replied the stranger, "I am the teacher of the martial arts school in the city nearby."

Tomoko, nodding her head slightly said, "yeah. He is also trying to get you kids to learn some martial arts." Sighing, she stated, "so, he wants to ask you whether you want to train or not at his school. So, do you want to?"

"Yeah!" Xuan exclaimed excitedly. "Of course I want to!"

Tomoko looked to the man and said, "I'll let him go on normal schedules which for yours is five times a week right?"

"Yeah," the man said. I guess since I am now your teacher you should know my name. I am Joseph Choi." He put his hand out to Xuan

Xuan shook his hand then the man left saying, "I'll see you in three days then."

"Xuan, he also wants to get all of you to join the junior's tournament in half a year," Tomoko said to Xuan. "It will be your choice to go or not to go, but keep it in the back of your mind until you learn how to use martial arts. Now go to bed."

Xuan left to go to sleep. In his bed, he was thinking what he was going to do in the school. He was restless that night and slept late.
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    《Elemental God》