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Douluo Dalu - Azure Dragon and White Tiger
Author :GrandpaWrath2
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4 She“s a S End

[Time Skip 3 years later]

In a certain cave located in a mountain range close to a village called Zui Hao village, two boys were sitting in the cave, there was a ball of light high in the ceiling of the cave illuminating the cave with white radiance.

One of the boys was sitting down, meditating with the lotus position. Faint traces of blue energy balls that were barely visible to the eye entered his body, that boy was a three year old Qin Long who wore a small brown tunic made from cotton and small black pants made from animal hide. He had very short blue hair in a buzz-cut and golden eyes, not a single strand anymore like when he was a baby.

Whilst the other boy, was doing push ups with his two little hands, he had short white hair and purple eyes, haircut just the same style like his brother. He was Bai HuHao, he wore the same tunic as his twin brother but he had small brown pants made from animal hide.

"Bai" said Qin Long, grabbing Bai HuHao's attention (AN:I'll call him Bai Hao from now on)

"What is it Qin?" Bai Hao's purple eye stared at Qin Long's golden eye.

"Why don't we just abandon her, a slut like her only cares about playing around with other men instead of trying to be a good mother, she's an embarrassment. Think of this, when someone asks you in the future, 'who was your mother and what did she do, was she a great mother', what would they think when I would've said ' our mother was a hoe that plowed men for a living, she didn't care too much about us and most of all got STD because of her. That would be embarrassing, I don't like lying, I lied to many fucking times that I'm sick of it, like the time I lied to my late wife, I am changing! Lying is not the way."

"I don't know... I feel sorry for her, she's my mother after all. Let me decide tomorrow."

When they were born, Qin LOng and Bai Hao found out that their bodies secretly had STDs contained within them, not just any but magical unidentifiable ones. During the night they would use a secret cultivation technique to purify their bodies and remove the disease and impurities within them at night as they didn't want to catch attention. They had to do it for three years straight, Bai Hao removed all of them just two days ago whilst Qin Long just removed his today.

Ever since they could start to walk they would always visit this cave to train and do things behind their mother's back. No one or no thing entered this cave, it was the best place to be in.

Bai Hao and Qin Long would do a training regime of swinging their respective weapons, meditating, cultivating and doing physical exercise. They won't do too much and they won't do anything else as their three year old bodies wouldn't be able to handle the stress and pain, they might die from over exhaustion.

Few hours later...

Qin Long and Bai Hao started walking back home as the sun was starting to set and the sky was beginning to turn pink, they have to be back before the sun sets as they want their mom to believe that they are playing with the local kids, which they are obviously not.

As they near to the little village hut they hear a moan.


[Qin Long's POV]

As I and Bai were nearing to the dump we call home. I once again hear the moaning of that slut. That fucking bitch, I bet she's taking the meat of that blind old man. What a fucking embarrassment, I seriously think of just leaving her yet bro still feels pity for her.

I mean I know where he's coming from, a girl was forced to be a mother; she didn't want children. But dammit I thought women have that maternal instinct where they would think of the child most of the time, I mean...even a bitch has more responsibility than her.

Klop Klop

I hear the sound of horse hooves smashing against the soil beneath us, they were very loud, loud enough that it resounds across the whole village.

All the villager come out to see who is the source of the noise.


The sound of a horse neighing was heard, I looked at the direction and I saw a

massive horse that was 3 meters tall, it was black and covered in blue flames that had black cores inside them. It had eyes filled with those same flames, it had silver armor on it with a black saddle. On that saddle was a man, his face was covered by a a hood and he wore a black cloak that draped over his body, white baggy pants, the cloak still couldn't hide the man's muscular figure. Pure muscles packed with power that could shatter mountains.

[Bai Khan POV}

As I got closer to the Zui Hao village, the feeling of my blood boiling kept rising as I got closer. Finally I could find what has caused this annoyance for three years. Three Damned Years!!!

I had a smile ready for the person that caused all this trouble. Just wait and see what's in store for you.

few minutes later I arrive at the village, a very small village with four-five huts that had hay roofs, it looks desolate as there was no one in sight, no sound heard but I suddenly notice the sound of female moaning, I go to that source.

It lead me to a hut slightly away from the rest of the village with a farm next to it, there I see two children at the porch staring right at me, one boy had silver hair and the other boy had blue hair. As soon as I looked at them I could feel my blood evaporating out of my skin.

I get off the Nightmare Horse and headed straight for the kids as if my life depended on it.

When the kids, who I noticed where kinda skinny for their age, saw me heading towards them, they were slightly stunned seeing a massive cloaked figure heading towards them, not only that but the energy leaking from me, even tough I have good spirit energy control some still leaked, this gave me an air of powerfulness.

Before they notice it, I'm already standing next to them, I place my hands on each of their shoulder, I kneel so that we can be eye-level.

Once my hand touches they tough, I suddenly felt a connection to these kids and then I figured it out.

These were my sons.

That's why my blood was acting strange. It sensed the birth of my children and was trying to tell that, my sons were summoning me, beckoning for my return.

But then I wonder....Who is the mother? I never play around with women, I am a man of principal and duty, I have no time to be fucking around. But since it was three years ago, I start searching my mind before an ugly memory resurfaces my head. I remember her now.

There was this girl, a prostitute, me and my friend when to a brothel in a local city near my dojo to have a drink and for my friend to have some fun, I wasn't interested in those women. I got really drunk that time for some odd reason.

This one girl caught my attention, I take her off to the private room and force myself on to her before she could prepare, I released all my stress inside her before she could react. I left the second after before she woke up and went back to drinking before going to sleep and forgetting.

My face distorted into a not-well face as I am embarrassed and ashamed of myself, how could I Bai Khan, leader of Snake Dojo go to a brothel and knock up a worker there, such a shameful thing to do, even more so that an innocent woman suffered because of me.

I heard tales of how my mother suffered before and after giving birth to me, I sympathise with women, me causing such a suffering to an innocent girl makes me feel truly disappointed in myself. I decided that to repay her, I will take her as my wife no matter what.

I was dazing out for a couple of seconds before coming out of my thoughts. I looked at the kids and said,"where is your mother?"

The one with blue hair, who held a calm face a second a go, his face turned solemn as he said, "she's in the house".

"Then I hope you don't mind if I go to see her", I walked over to the moaning door. The blue haired kid showed a face that a kid shouldn't be able to show.

I grab to the door knob and twist and what I saw made me want to puke.

"What the hell?"

I see a beautiful black haired girl getting plowed by a black wrinkly old man, both naked. She had her legs round his waist and her arms on his neck and back ready to be seeded.

I close the door.

"She's a slut"

I look at the boys and they nod together with me, agreeing.

"Boys to tell you the truth, I am your dad. Sorry I wasn't with you guys, I hope you understand but you need to come with me, I want to give you better lives." I reach my hand towards them.

Both the brothers huddle together and start whispering, discussing wether they should leave or not. After a few minutes they decided that they would follow me, I lift them both and place them at the top front of Nightmare Horse.

We ride ride back to my dojo where they would live better lives than they have had in this dump.

Before I left, I dropped a note next to the door saying:

'I took the kids with me, they would be in better hands as I could see that they have not been taken care of well. The truth is you're a slut. Your man, Bai Khan.'


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