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Douluo Dalu: A reincarnated teen's pathway to ascension
Author :Godofjerks
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25 The new disciple

"Achoo!", Kong Jian sneezed again. Then, with a bewildered expression, he thought out loud, "How is that physically possible?! I'm in fricking space with not even air! Plus, I'm a god, WHY THE FUCK AM I SNEEZING?!!!!!! The with a helpless expression, he gave up on that logic and turned his attention back to his iPad (everybody has one nowadays, so...) and his face filled with fury. He yelled in annoyance, "Why the hell did he confront Cersei instead of telling the fat guy? Ned, that fricking unbelievable noob!!!! GAAAHH!!!!!".

Worlds away, someone else had the same expression on the inside. Clearly, it was Ryan. I mean, his whole life was turning into a novel right now. He had a sad life, then he died in a funny way. That was bad. But then by a stroke of random luck he ended up inside a really awesome world where people can actually become Gods. Now what? He has the name and weapon of the MC of another novel? What? Ryan was having a multidimensional, intergalactic, temporal existential crisis. 'Now what am I supposed to do?! Be Xiao Yan? But this world doesn't work that way! There are not heavenly flames here, and even if there were, no thanks! I like Ma HongJun and I wanna help that poor guy become the Flame god and take his wife up there so that they can b*ng everyday! *cough* I'm straying away again. Anyway, I dont want that. But...', Ryan thought as he looked at the ruler in front of him. His expression changed into a nervous one.

The ruler was pure black, and looked huge and majestic. For instance, if this was a spirit of a clan or something, then it would be on par to even the clear sky if we take into account its size and weight. He didn't know how the Grandmaster found it in that state, but it was a really suitable weapon. Furthermore, to Ryan's sixth sense (call it an MC's intuition), it looked like it could still be modified, like it was made of some extraordinary material.

'....But I really love this, so I will take it', Ryan decided after he gulped down a mouthful of saliva. He then walked forward and took the ruler that was kept on the floor by the Grandmaster, who was a bit shocked to see Ryan holding a huge ruler that even he, a peak spirit grandmaster couldn't raise. 'Well, I will take this now, but I will forge my own way with it! I will improve this and make it even better, I have a feeling that I can do this!', Ryan promised to himself as he held it. But, one doubt still remained in his mind. Sure, he now has a cool weapon, but what will he use it for? His bow is a 'tool' spirit so, if he doesn't use it, and he can't manifest the second spirit, what was this weapon's purpose?

When he asked the Grandmaster this, he chuckled and said, "According to this letter, and hence your parents, you have a second spirit, which is, by your father's inference and my observation just now, a beast one". When Jin heard this, as she already knew this, she wasn't surprised, but her body still shuddered a bit on the thought of her brother's spirit. Grandmaster continued, " Your father, as a side note, wrote that from the looks of it, you keep this matter very private because there is something very important and dangerous about it, and has asked me not to pry into this business of yours. So I will not ask you about it. But I need to know the limits of my students. So, I will ask you to tell all you want to/ can about this matter. Of course, if you don't want to share it, you dont have to". "No master, even I know very little about my second spirit, so all I can tell you now is that I'm not powerful enough to physically manifest it yet. As for the name of the spirit, I don't think now's the best time to disclose it", Ryan shot a sideways glance at his sister, who was starting to sweat. He then thought in astonishment, 'Damn! Nothing escapes my old man! He feels more dangerous to have on the enemy side than that Heavenly Hentai'.

Far away, a man, sitting under a tree with his beautiful wife sleeping on his lap suddenly sneezed, "Achoo!!".

Also, farther away, expression on Kong Jian's face suddenly changed from curious to tired as he quickly looked up from the screen and started a sentence, "Oh for fuck sake not agai.... Aaacccchoooo!!!!!!!!..... GAAAHHH!!!!!!!!".

"Hmm, I guessed it right. The power of the spirit manifestation would be too much for you to handle right now. That makes this weapon perfect. It will be strong enough to withstand the infusion of your spirit power. Although you can't manifest, you can draw more power from your spirit this way. Also, you can pose it as a tool spirit if you want. I will give you a spacial treasure so you can store it and call it out whenever you want without anyone noticing it. This will limit publicity problems due to your spirit to an extent", the Grandmaster said as he handed a black ring with a silver stripe on it to Ryan.

Ryan felt really grateful as he accepted the ring. He probed the ring and understood that it had around 10 cubic meters of space inside it. It really was wonderful. This was not a cheap equipment. After storing the ruler inside the ring, he looked at Jin and nodded towards her. She seemingly understood what it was and both of them knelt down on the floor to express their thanks and respect. Ryan said, "Thank you very much for the gift Grandmaster, we would be honoured if you could take me in as your disciple." As this was very well within his expectations, Xiaogang wasn't surprised, so he asked them, "Yan, choosing a master is not as easy as choosing a school or asking for pointers from a teacher. Plus, I have very weak spirit power and cannot cultivate to become a spirit elder. Are you sure you want this old man to be your teacher?". Hearing this, a small smile formed on Ryan's face as he said, "People who think physical strength is the only criteria for power are fools. And I am not a fool. So, yes, I am sure, master." Hearing this, a smile full of pride appeared on Grandmaster's face, and he nodded as he accepted Ryan as his disciple. As for Jin, the reason she didn't become his disciple was, first of all, she didn't need much help, as she was a spirit beast. Also, due to her being such interesting specimen (body spirits were raaaaaaare, apparently), Xiaogang offered all the help he could provide to Jin, as soon as he finished accepting Ryan as his disciple.

After the whole "disciple acceptance ceremony", Xiaogang let them both go, saying that they'll test out the ruler tomorrow. They then went to the cafeteria and grabbed some food to eat. After nearly emptying the cafeteria, they walked around the campus for a bit and then went to the hotel to check out and take their luggage. They came back in the evening with all their stuff, and entered the dorm. The first thing they saw when they entered the room was a pink silhouette flying towards Ryan. When he focused, Ryan could easily see a cute girl trying to kick him the gut, her speed even felt like that of a snail, as if he was living in flashtime. But, he didn't do anything, as he was curious to see what was gonna happen. However, the moment she reached Ryan, her body was pulled out of the way and thrown in a split second. Amazed by this occurrence, Ryan looked to his side, only to see Jin, with cold eyes staring at the pink girl.

The pink girl landed on the ground and immediately found her balance. Now that Ryan got a good look at her, he could properly see all her features. She was a beautiful girl with a rosy with fair and soft appearance. She had beautiful long legs as well. Her brown long hair was combed into a scorpion braid hanging past her buttocks. Her bright red eyes looked intelligent. As she looked at the duo, a bright smile bloomed on her face. But she jumped at them again immediately. But this time, there was more force in the jump. At the same time, Jin vanished from Ryan's side as well, leaving him there alone, with an amused smile on his face. This was his first time seeing his sister in action. He was super excited.


The reason for his excitement was the matter his father discussed with him the day before they left. The first part of the conversation went something like this:

"Dad, what did want to tell me about Jin, and why did you tell me not to worry about her safety? I know that she is a beast so she has strength, but still, isn't she a mental attributed beast? And can't even spirit saints see through her beast form easily?"

As Ryan said this, Shan laughed and replied, "The thing is, yes, transformed spirit beasts have their own specialties and they are strongest in that criteria, which also limits them. But there is something that even those cannot limit. Son, you know, when we found her, if that old beast wasnt protecting her or if we both weren't titled douluos, we never would have see through who she was. It was the sheer strength due to cultivation. Yan, your sister is not a 100000 year old spirit beast."

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".......?" *drumroll pleeeeeeaaaase*



And thus, he knew exactly what was gonna happen in this fight as he amusingly looked at the two beasts fighting each other.


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