Bored Gamer in Other Worlds
94 Chapter 94
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Bored Gamer in Other Worlds
Author :The_Procrastinator
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94 Chapter 94

"BANG!" A man flew in place and paved destruction in his wake. It was good that a study wall was held in place or he would have no doubt barreled through more people and properties along the way.

Alas, the one who had struck him was forgiving enough that she has not executed a fatal blow on the man. If not, it would be a miracle to stand after that strike and live to tell the tale about it.



"YOU WILL PAY FOR YOUR THIS!" The man from Xuan promised revenge but was aware enough that he was outmatched at the moment.

And so with almost all his front teeth missing from that single love tap alone, he vacated the place in shame and defeat.

He had himself five bodyguards but these lots were also smart to avoid further conflict with the Lady. Since their master could not take a single hit at all, the handful of them would only add more disgrace to the revered name of Xuan in this City of Nexus.

"Pathetic!" Wan Fei wiped her hands with a handkerchief as she looked at the vanishing figures of the group.

She could not believe that the people around this place were all so incredibly weak. Even much weaker than the citizens of Haran.

"Are you okay, Mistress Wan Fei?" one of the two maidservants asked in fear.

If something were to happen to their Mistress, there would be no doubt that they would also suffer a fate worse than death in the aftermath.

"It's just a dog on the road who doesn't know his place. Let's continue." Queen Wan Fei replied in a voice that was befitting of her station.

They were in the busiest streets of the Capital as the mother and daughter pair wanted to survey the mess that they were unwillingly lured unto.

She did not even waste his breath to know the names of the two lady slaves. But this has not meant that Wan Fei was stupid to not inquire for some basic information from this very servants.

All along, Princess Ning Xi remained a silent spectator through it all.

"Tell me about your master."

"What kind of a man is he?" Wan Fei began but her eyes could not have been sharper than the present.

She scoured the scene with a trained eye and from the few commercial pavilions that they've been through, it did not take long for her to determine that there were no alchemy pills and magical tools that were sold so far in their journey.

And as time went by, Wan Fei believed more and more that the things she will discover will only leave her be disappointed even further than she already was.

"I don't know anything about Master Lu Chen that much, Mistress. Me and my sister have only been assigned to my master's residence only yesterday." one of the maidservants answered.

'A day? Very curious.' Wan Fei thought within. She would have assumed that a man as strong as Clark would have already surrounded himself with thousands of experts left and right.

A Senior Cultivator of his station would have no doubt claimed hundreds of lands and territories but no...

'You only have 5 beautiful slaves and 1 old man in your tenure. Interesting!' Wan Fei mused inside and the hopes that had already transformed into ashen falls in her heart began to blossom once more into form.

"Tell me your name." Wan Fei smiled towards one of the maidservants that was there together in their trip.

"I am Lian Li, Mistress. And this is my sister, Lian Ah." the lovely maidservant replied as she bowed deeply towards Wan Fei.

She had tried to introduce herself earlier but was stopped mercilessly on the first letter alone.

It seemed that Mistress Wan Fei was so much in a hurry to entertain trivial things like getting to know their names before but at this moment, the prior fact appeared drastically changed altogether.

"Lian Li and Lian Ah. Good meaningful names." Wan Fei humored.

"Thank you, Mistress Wan Fei!" Lian Li smiled prettily.

"You're too kind, Mistress Wan Fei." Lian Ah said in a much softer voice than her Elder Sister, Lian Li. Wan Fei nodded once or twice to let this pleasing moment pass without any disruption whatsoever.

"Now Lian Li and Lian Ah..." Wan Fei paused to better express the weight of her intention.

"I want you to tell me exactly what you know about your master."

"And don't leave any details behind."

"Can you two do that for me?" Wan Fei showed her usual perfect smile but the two sisters could not help but feel a great ominous feeling from behind this guise of beauty.

Alas, since they were mere lowly slaves, the two could only nod and return an awkward smile each before doing what was asked of them.

"That would be no problem at all, Mistress Wan Fei. It all started when..."

"I heard that Master Lu Chen had a fight against the clan of Yan and..."

"A rumor has spread early this morning that an Elder of Y..."

Words flourished and every sentence uttered by the two innocent maidservant sisters has only brought a bigger and bigger smile on a certain Queen's countenance.

Thirty minutes later and the talk ended on a happy note.

"Shall we return back to the residence, Mistress Wan Fei?" Lian Li asked after they had made their uncomfortable report.

She did most of the talking though to save her younger sister the hassle of what she experienced for herself. She felt like she was betraying the trust of her master, Lu Chen.

But it was not like Lian Li could say no to the face of Mistress Wan Fei also. Not after the good Queen has displayed entirely how capable she could be towards any naysayers on her path.

One man lost not a few teeth simply because she talked dirty to someone she shouldn't have.

"No. Let's stay awhile and listen... for more news on the road that is." Wan Fei had a mysterious look on her face but this was definitely a whole lot better than when she first arrived here in Nexus.

"Take me someplace where we can eat." Wan Fei instructed instead of going home.

Retracing their steps this early in the play would have given her nothing but would no doubt reveal her cards in consequence. That would not do well at all.

"Yes, Mistress Wan Fei!" Lian Li responded with great enthusiasm and the party spent almost the entire day on this special trip of theirs. It was very productive in a sense.

Especially if Wan Fei were the one to give her opinion on the matter.

* * *

"I'm happy that you've enjoyed your trip, Wan Fei, Princess Ning Xi!"

"How do you like it so far? I told you that you would love it here, didn't i?" Clark welcomed the group in a lively voice. It was already dark but the moon couldn't have been brighter above the sky.

Although he had spent the whole day playing with his favorite games but that did not mean that he was remiss of what was happening outside of his room.

This was why he knew that the wise Queen had spent almost all of daylight discovering his roots back.

She even had the tenacity to go to Aspen Estate, Duton Area where it was decorated by nothing but slum areas as far as the eyes can see.

In this respect, Clark realized that women can sometimes be pretty determined, given the right cause.

And knowing this, our bored gamer could not decide whether it was a good trait for a woman to have or not.

'Nah... I will pick a girl that follows my every command. I don't think i can tame a tsundere lover in the end.' Clark nodded repeatedly to hammer the truth in.

Although he already has Princess Ning Xi in the bag for now but he was not an evil mc that would try and force himself on a girl that didn't want to in the first place.

He would give her time and should she still resist his advances after he did his best then Clark could only ever relinquish his quest for love towards the beautiful Princess Ning Xi.

On the other hand, our good gamer realized how remarkably easy it was for him to spy on Wan Fei's secret machinations.

'Hehehe! Nancy is just too good of a spy! She's utterly brilliant!'

'Do you hear me, Nancy? I said that you were brilliant!'

'You are the best system spirit any transmigrator would ask for!' Clark tried to converse with the system using only his mind.

"..." Unfortunately, Nancy was too smart to indulge the weird fetishes of her host.

"It was a great trip, Clark! A good eye opener in fact." Wan Fei smiled.

"All good then. Why don't you two come with me to a banquet this evening? The Lu Patriarch has gathered a feast to properly introduce me into the Elder Ranks of the Clan tonight." Clark invited.

"I'll pass, Master Clark. I want to retire early." Ning Xi was the first one to answer.

"Ahhh... A pity. But I understand, Ning Xi." Clark was clearly disappointed and it showed in his voice. He looked to the equally exquisite woman beside Princess Ning Xi and asked...

��How about you, Wan Fei?"

"It would be my pleasure to accompany you, Clark. When are we expected to be there?"

"There's no rush, Wan Fei. We still have time."

'I wonder how the Lu Family would react if i tell them that i wanted to rule Nexus after tonight.' Clark smiled as he was extremely excited about his plans for this feast.


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