Asura's Wrath
5 Endless Pleasure *
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Asura's Wrath
Author :Gold_Dragon
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5 Endless Pleasure *

Xio Feng picked up Su Ruo who was half-naked and threw her into the bed and gently kissed her lips. Slowly he began to out his tongue in the Su Ruo mouth gently engaged in a fierce battle

"Aaahhh" Su Ruo gently moaned when Xio Feng rubbed his little finger in her pink underwear which was already wet.

Slowly Xio Feng removed Su Ruo's Bra which was hiding her small breast and sucked her erect nipples like a baby sucking milk from the mother.

"Hmm… mm~ ah!…"

"Bro~brother."Su Ruo moaned and called Xio Feng when feeling pleasure

Xio Feng slowly removed her wet underwear and started to suck her vagina

"Ah! ahhhh~ah!! Nn~"

Xio Feng continued licking enjoying Su Ruo's clitoris, then went from licking to slurping and began to sip hard on the small clitoris.

"Brother~Brother!" Su Ruo's moaning got harder

"Ahhhh~!! ..!! cumming~! Cumming~!!!"

* Pusha! * Su Ruo reached the climax and her secret place Blew a tide. While Xio Feng drank all the female juice released by Su Ruo.

Xio Feng pulled down his pants and showed his erect penis to Su Ruo

With her small tongue, she started to lick it like a lollipop and started lubricating it.

Xio Feng pushed Su Ruo down and pushed her erect penis which was lubricated into Su Ruo vagina

"It's really tight, What a small pussy"Xio Feng pushed and pulled his penis inside her vagina making it as it's going to hit her womb

"Ah! ahhhh~ah!!"

"Ah! ahhhh~ah!!"

"Harder brother, push it harder,"

"Hit my womb!"

"A ~ hh! U ~ uu~c-cumming~!!" Su Ruo moaned in pleasure as her pussy climaxed during penetration.

Xio Feng accelerated his penetrating speed

The penis entered Qiuyue hard, reaching the deepest part of her pussy!

"Ahhhh~~~!! Cumming~" Su Ruo shouted when she reached the climax, and deep in her vagina, the head of the glans that entered began to ejaculate fiercely inside! While the released semen flooded Su Ruo's uterus filling it.

"Ha..ah... A lot of... Hot stuff..." Su Ruo muttered with an expression of pleasure, as she felt that her uterus, inside she was full of semen completed.

"Ah..."Su Ruo managed to stabilize her mind for a second.

Su Ruo didn't have the time to get ready and Xio Feng once again inserted his cock from below.

"Aaaahhh!" Su Ruo moaned in surprise thinking that his brother is too fierce today.

The semen from the first ejaculation spoiled little by little from the thrusts and pressures of Xio Feng.

Xio Feng lifted Su Ruo's leg further and fucked her more intensely.

"Yaaa ~... My ~... Ah! ~ very intense ~ "

Xio Feng leaned back and accelerated his thrusts and jerks.

Ah!! ... Please ~... No more ~ ​​ah ah! Please wait for a little... ~ "

With the passage of time, Xio Feng ejaculating innumerable times within his sister Su Ruo, while Su Ruo lost count of how many times he reached the climax.

Su Ruo nearly fainted from the intense sex they had


"Hah~Hah! Brother lets stop I am tired"After telling Su Ruo went to lose her consciousness and slept

Xio Feng shook his head and sat cross-legged and absorbed the Yin Qi.

"I broke through"Xio Feng was surprised to find out he broke through into the Middle Essene formation Stage during intense sex with Su Ruo.

"My cultivation is progressing rapidly after my blood merged with that jewel, I need to keep a low profile to avoid suspicion.

"I need to take some great Martial Arts from the library, need more strength. I am still too weak.

After looking at the naked beauty near him, He kissed her forehead went back to sleep
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    《Asura's Wrath》