41 Mini Lord - Part 3
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Author :HotIce
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41 Mini Lord - Part 3

The next morning, Tang Shaoyang opened his heavy eyelid forcefully.

It had been three days since they attacked the fogged park. Each day, the group of three continued the battle until late at night. As if the apes were endless, it kept coming despite being killed all the time.

Tang Shaoyang was still exhausted from yesterday's battle. Just as he was about to wake up, he felt a little movement on his chest.

He looked down, it was a smooth white delicate hand that moved on his chest. He picked the hand and put the hand away slowly, not willing the hand owner to wake up.

After putting the hand away, he slipped out the bed. But of course, Tang Shaoyang's clothes were still intact. He and Zhang Mengyao merely slept together in the last three days.

Even though he had an urge as a man, he still chose to hold it. Battling the apes and leveling up was more important than his internal desire.

He had to set the order up soon in his base as more and more people gathered. He had to set the rules and the military before the situations were out of his hand.

The key to this issue was the girl who slept soundly on the bed. Her innocent expression while sleeping was quite stunning.

"Tsk, I have gotten myself a goddess it seems," He complimented his woman and planted a kiss on her cheek.

He left the room and washed up. When he reached the kitchen, Lu An was busy preparing breakfast.

"Huh, you woke up early today," Tang Shaoyang commented as he opened the fridge and took out a carton of orange juice. He got himself a glass of orange juice.

"Hehe," Lu An let out a small silly laugh as he scratched his head in embarrassment.

"I am embarrassed for having you to prepare my breakfast every day. So here I am, "

After gulping down a glass of orange juice, he took out a carton of milk and headed toward the microwave.

He put the milk into the microwave and spoke something Lu An could not understand.

"It's strange, isn't it?"

Lu An put up a confused expression and looked toward his Boss.

"I mean the water and the electricity are working fine, don't you feel strange about it?" Tang Shaoyang pointed his finger toward the tap and the lamp.

"It's been around a month? Or less? I have lost track of the time, but I am sure it's about a month since the world turned upside down. Zombies appeared and the animals were mutated everywhere, but everything is fine. Don't you feel strange?"

Yes, the water was still clean and available to use despite the chaos occurring everywhere. The same for the electricity, it was still operating.

"Mnn…" Lu An nodded his head with a thoughtful look on his face. He had something on his mind.

"Now you talk about it, Boss. There's something weirder actually,"


The microwave resounded. Tang Shaoyang took out the milk and poured it into a glass. The milk was for Zhang Mengyao, apparently, the girl loved to drink warm milk in the morning.

"What is it?" He asked as he poured the milk.

"It's about the phone! In the last two weeks, I have been looking for a phone, but weird enough, I could not find a single phone outside. I have asked the other survivors as well, they told me their phone also disappeared,"

Lu An replied as his hand stirred the porridge in the pot. He put the ape's bone from last night leftover to make porridge.

"Strange indeed," Tang Shaoyang nodded his head in agreement, but he did not take it seriously.

There were many strange things that happened, but he did not have a leisurely time to think about it. For now, he only had one goal, it was to build his empire. With a clear goal on his mind, he would not waste his time on a small thing.

He took this conversation as a small chit chat with Lu An. Lu An also thought the same, what on his mind was to get stronger. Strong enough to be worthy of standing next to the Boss.

The group of three finished a pot of porridge for breakfast. This morning, the three found out that each part of the fogged ape was a treasure. Even the bone could be made into yummy porridge.

After they filled their belly with a tasty breakfast. The group headed toward the fogged park.

On the way back to the fogged park, they passed a road full of ape's corpses. Zhang Mengyao had to pinch her nose as the corpse began to rot.

"Actually, what do you guys want to do with these dead bodies? It's a waste of heavenly delicacy," Zhang Mengyao asked as she was still unaware of what her man wanted to do with the corpse.

"You will know soon, " Lu An smiled mysteriously in response while Tang Shaoyang kept walking without answering.

After continuously battling together for three days, Zhang Mengyao and Lu An grew close. Both continued to have a chat until a call from Tang Shaoyang.

"We are here, get ready!" Tang Shaoyang stopped right in front of the fogged park.

Zhang Mengyao pulled her sword and put the shield on her back. She stood there and looked toward the fog with a sober look. She could see red eyes stared at her, the eye fogged ape's eyes.

The apes seemed to be waiting for them, but Zhang Mengyao was calm and composed. Her harvest in the last three days was numerous. She had reached Level 21 within three days while Lu An had gotten himself a class.

"Status Screen!" She called out in a low voice.


Name: Zhang Mengyao

Age: 25

Affiliation: None

Level: 21

Talent: Insight

Attribute Point: 0

Strength: 59

Agility: 47

Vitality: 33

Stamina: 36

Magic Power: 10

Sense: 21

Skill: [Basic Detection], [Envisage]


Her attributes were well-rounded. Each time she leveled up, each attribute except for Magic Power would increase. As for the bonus attribute points, she allocated it to Strength and Agility.

Looking at her high attribute, it boosted her confidence in entering the fogged park. Moreover…

Zhang Mengyao looked up at Tang Shaoyang's broad back. Her man was always there to protect her. As long as the man was near her, she always felt safe.

"I am ready!" She declared with strong confidence and followed by Lu An as well, "Anytime, Boss!"

"Let's go!" Tang Shaoyang nodded and stepped into the fogged park.

As soon as he stepped into the park, the fogged ape shrieked and attacked the intruder. The battle between the fogged apes and a group of three humans commenced.

*** ***

Three hours since the group re-entered the fogged park.

Zhang Mengyao scanned the surroundings warily. Since two hours ago the group noticed the number of apes attacked them had decreased significantly.

Since then, the apes would only attack them occasionally rather than blindly charged toward them. The enemy had changed their tactic or…

"There's no many apes left…" Zhang Mengyao muttered in a low voice.


A shadow flung toward her from behind. It was the fogged ape that tried to attack the girl from her blind spot.

But Zhang Mengyao perceived the incoming attack. She spun her body and slashed her sword horizontally. Her sword sizzled through the air and sliced the ape's head.

The ape's body fell before her feet. In a quick motion, she picked the ape's dead bodies and threw it outside the fogged park.

At the same time, the robotic voice resounded on her mind.

[You have leveled up]

[You gained two attribute points]

A smile blossomed on Zhang Mengyao's face. She gained one more level since the morning. Level 23, it was her current level, and slowly, she was catching up.

This kind of sneaky battle continued in the next hour.

Until then, she noticed something and frowned, "The fog is thinning out!"

She did not know whether this was a good omen or a bad one.

Only then Tang Shaoyang also noticed that the fog was actually thinning out. Now, his sight could reach twenty meters ahead. Doubled than before.

"Ah, look there! The fog formed a path!" Lu An called out and pointed at the forward direction.

Sure enough, just like Lu An said, the fog was cleared and made four meters path. It was as if the fog guided them to a place.

"Follow me!" Tang Shaoyang walked toward the path. There were no apes attacking them anyway, so he just went ahead following the path.

Of course, he advanced in caution, just in case the path was a trap.

Zhang Mengyao and Lu An followed closely and slowly while keeping in a check to their surroundings.

Nothing happened until they reached where the fog led them. It was an open space, about fifty meters grass field. No fog obstructed their view and four figures were waiting for their arrival.

Four giant apes, the biggest apes was about seven meters tall while the rest were four to five meters tall.

Tang Shaoyang immediately used [Basic Detection] on the biggest ape. Soon, the data of the opponent he had to face appeared in his eyes.


[Beast - Fogged Ape King]

Affiliation: Fogged Ape Tribe

Lord Level: Mini Lord

Evolution: Stage 5

Level: 48



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