40 Mini Lord - Part 2
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Author :HotIce
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40 Mini Lord - Part 2

[You have entered a hostile territory! Leave or you will be attacked by the inhabitants!]

[You have entered a hostile territory! Leave or you will be attacked by the inhabitants!]

[You have entered a hostile territory! Leave or you will be attacked by the inhabitants!]

Tang Shaoyang merely furrowed his brows at the warning. He intended to fight the habitant to harvest Exp to level up. He came prepared and would not make the same mistake as before.

However, the warning startled Zhang Mengyao. The warning that resounded in her head was speaking in a harsh tone. As someone who rarely heard the robotic voice, the warning startled her.

She subconsciously took two steps back, but then, Lu An held her from behind.

"Don't worry, with Boss around, no one can touch you! But you have to stay near the Boss!" Lu An said with great confidence.

Zhang Mengyao's face flushed red as she was ashamed that even a teenager like Lu An was concerned about her. She was after all a soldier, how could she lose to a teenager.

Zhang Mengyao took a deep breath, trying to calm her nervousness. She scanned the surroundings, but her vision was blocked by the thick fog. The farthest she could see was 5-7 meters ahead.

The terrain was the one making her nervous. Her vision was limited and usually, the creature who lived in such terrain was dangerous. She was sure that the creature that lived in this fog did not have a problem with their vision.

Even if the creature also had a limited vision because of the fog, they must have a way to see through the fog.

Zhang Mengyao's deduction was spot on. The fogged monkey who lived here did not have any problem with their vision.

"They are coming! Stay near me, Mengyao!" Tang Shaoyang's voice was small, but Zhang Mengyao still could hear it.

She followed the instruction and came closer to Tang Shaoyang. Soon, she felt a vibration on the ground, an indication the enemy was getting closer.

Zhang Mengyao tightened her grips on the shield and sword. She stayed behind Tang Shaoyang, but her eyes darted around, trying to find what creature lived behind the fog.

"Get ready! They are here!"

Bump! Bump! Bump!

The sound of steps was getting louder and louder. Zhang Mengyao's eyes darted to and fro, trying to find where the enemies came from.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Dozens of giant white apes came out of the fog. Looking at the raging red eyes and a row of sharp teeth, Zhang Mengyao flinched. However, she remembered Tang Shaoyang's instructions clearly.

"Don't move from your spot without my order! Only kill the dying beast I toss to you! Throw the carcass out after you kill the ape!"

She stayed on her spot, trusting her life to her man.


At the same time, Tang Shaoyang made his move. He swung the battle-ax horizontally, sweeping the apes that came out of the fog. Over ten apes were sliced apart.

Bugh! Bugh!

Zhang Mengyao did not know when, but two dying apes landed in front of her. She snapped out from the shock and stabbed the ape's head with her swords.

As the two apes died, she dropped the shield and moved forward swiftly. She grabbed the ape's ankle and threw the dead body outside of the fogged area.

Actually, Zhang Mengyao did not understand why Tang Shaoyang ordered this. But she noticed that Lu An also did the same. In his right hand was holding a sword and his other hand was throwing the dead bodies outside.

The thing surprised her was that Lu An easily faced five to seven apes at the same time. Lu An was so strong, the teenager that much younger than her was stronger than she thought.

Bugh! Bugh!

"Zhang Mengyao! Focus!" Tang Shaoyang called out as he tossed two dying apes. He was somewhat disappointed with Zhang Mengyao's performance.

As she was a soldier, his expectation was high. However, as the battle started, the girl's performance was somewhat disappointing.

'Nah, I don't need her battle power, but her administration skill in the military!' Thought Tang Shaoyang.

Being called out harshly, Zhang Mengyao turned around and stabbed her sword to the two apes in front of her.

Again, she repeated the same action. She grabbed the ape corpse and threw it out. Then, she picked her shield and put it on her back.

As she was done with this, Zhang Mengyao noticed another two dying apes flew toward her. This time, her action was swift. She slashed her sword at one dying ape in the air and slashed another dying ape's neck.

She had done it faster than before. The same action was repeated again and again. As time went by, the dying apes that came to her became quicker as well.

Ten minutes later, she heard the toneless robotic voice on her head.

[You have leveled up!]

[You gained 2 attribute points!]

[You can allocate the attribute point by opening the status screen!]

Along with the robotic voice, her fatigue was washed away. She felt she was back in her prime condition.

Zhang Mengyao immediately distributed her bonus attribute points to Strength and Agility. For the time being, she decided to focus on these two attributes.

As the fatigue washed away, she continued killing the apes delivered by Tang Shaoyang.

The battle continued for three hours and Tang Shaoyang decided to take a rest.

"Let's stop now!" Shouted Tang Shaoyang as he swung the Destroyer.

As per his instruction, the group of three went out of the fog. As they came out of the fog, they met with a scattered ape's corpses piling up here and there.

Zhang Mengyao estimated they had killed hundreds of apes. The number of apes was out of her expectation. She also had to count the names that still chased after them when they decided to retreat.

It was as if the apes were countless.

Tang Shaoyang walked to a corpse near him and commanded, "Let's tidy up the corpses first and we will have our lunch afterward!"

Despite being clueless as to why Tang Shaoyang wanted to gather the corpse. She did what she was instructed for.

It took half an hour to put the corpse into three piles on the side street.


Zhang Mengyao threw the last corpse in her hand and asked curiously, "What are you going to do with the carcasses? Don't tell me you are going to eat the ape's meat!?"

She never ate the monkey's meat let alone this gorilla. She was kinda repulsive to eat the meat.

"Ah, it's actually a good idea. We don't need to worry short of supply if we have this! Let's try whether the meat is edible or not!"

Tang Shaoyang walked to the nearest corpse and tore its left leg. After that, he headed toward the nearest mansion on the street.

While walking, he thought of something and muttered, "The fur is quite smooth. It can be a great material to make a coat or clothes. The winter is near…"

On the way to the mansion, Tang Shaoyang decided to search for a tailor when he returned to the base. With this fur, they could save their GC to buy clothes or coats from the virtual shop or even save their time looking for clothes outside there.

"You two can wash up, I will prepare the food!"

"Let me…" Zhang Mengyao and Lu An spoke in unison and stopped halfway at the same time. They looked at each other as both were surprised.

Tang Shaoyang waves his hand to the two, "Just go wash up, you two reek of blood! It's unpleasant, "

Both looked at him and found out his body was only stained with a little blood. It was quite surprising as he was the one who killed most of the apes.

Tang Shaoyang ignored the two's curious gaze. He brought his backpack and the ape's leg to the kitchen. Then he remembered something and turned around, "Lend me your sword. It will be hard to skin the meat with my battle-ax, "

Lu An tossed his sword without hesitation before heading toward a room. He was familiar with the mansion and easily found a room to wash up.

Zhang Mengyao took some time to find her room.

Tang Shaoyang himself went to the kitchen. He too was familiar with the mansion's layout and easily found where the kitchen was.

He put his backpack down and took out the spices. After that, he began to skin the ape leg. He took the thigh part only, where the meat concentrated.

His action was smooth as if he had been doing this kind of work for a long time. After he cleaned the meat, he sprinkled the meat with salt and pepper.

After everything was done, he put the meat on the tray and put it in the oven.

"How about thirty minutes? A hundred and fifty degrees?" Tang Shaoyang muttered in a low voice as he was unsure about the temperature and how long it took to bake the meat.

"A hundred degrees and thirty minutes will do I guest," Tang Shaoyang set the oven and put the meat inside.

"The main dish is done. Let's cook the noodles…" He then took out three packs of noodles from his backpack. The lunch was a weird combination between the ape meat and instant noodles.

Thirty minutes later, Tang Shaoyang served the noodles with five slices of ape meat as the topping.

The ape meat was sizzling as grease came out of the meat. It looked very greasy yet tantalizing.

"Is the meat safe to eat?" Despite the tempting meat, Zhang Mengyao managed to resist it and asked dubiously.

"Who knows, we have to try to find out!" Tang Shaoyang boldly tweaked the meat with his chopstick and delivered the meat into his mouth.

He chewed the meat, tasting the meat carefully. After chewing the meat for a while, his expression brightened up.

Without any words, Tang Shaoyang got another slice and put it to his mouth. He refused to say anything despite being gazed hotly by his woman.

Lu An was the next person to put the meat into his mouth. The same scene repeated, Lu An got the second slice without commenting on the taste.

Looking at how the two men devoured the meat as if it was a heavenly delicacy. Zhang Mengyao could no longer resist the temptation.

Just like that, the three were drunk by the ape meat. They ate the whole ape's thigh in a strangely silent atmosphere.

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