39 Mini Lord - Part 1
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Author :HotIce
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39 Mini Lord - Part 1

Lu An came back with a haggard look on his face. He went to Li Na and handed over his loot in his bag to her.

Li Na was curious about what happened to Lu An, but she did not dare to ask. He looked very weary and badly needed a rest, so she would not waste his time here.

"This is my today's loot…" His voice was weak as if all his energy drained from his body, "Where's Boss?"

Hearing the question, Li Na turned toward the private elevator where only Lu An and Tang Shaoyang could use it… No, since the military girl appeared, it counted as three.

"He's in his room…" Her words trailed off as Lu An immediately headed toward the elevator. As he entered the elevator, he immediately called out Origin.

"Origin! Can I meet Boss now?"

"Nope! You can't! Master is currently busy with Lady Mengyao!" Origin's reply came fast.

"What's wrong with you? You don't look that good!"

Lu An ignored Origin's question as he pressed 15 and asked back, "Lady Mengyao?"

"Yes, she is your Boss's woman, your Lady Boss. She will be the first General of the Tang Empire and you will work with her to establish the Tang Empire's military!"

Lu An had not met the military girls yet, so he did not know his Boss had taken in soldiers.


The elevator door opened and Lu An immediately headed out toward his room. As he entered his room, he immediately headed to the bathroom to take a shower.

"What about Li Na! I heard she is also Boss's woman?" Lu An asked in a frown. He respected his Boss, but he did not expect his Boss to be a womanizer.

"Li Na is not your Boss's woman. What happened to them is an equal exchange, " Origin did not explain further the detail and continued with what piqued its interest, "Really? What happened to you? There's something wrong with you!"

Lu An wanted to speak, but he was hesitating. In the end, he shook his head and let the cold water wash his body as he closed his eyes.

"You can tell your concern to me and I will relay it to Master as soon as he finishes his activity later, " Origin did not give as he continued to ask.

After hesitating for a while, Lu An told what happened on the way back. About Zhuang and Ren's betrayal, Qi Zhengsheng planned to take the shelter, and about him who killed these nine people.

As he told that, once again, his hand was trembling visibly.

"Hohoho… Finally, you have taken the first step! But now it seems you feel guilty for killing those guys, right? You want Master to comfort you right now, "

"However, if you want to follow Boss to the end, you have successfully taken the first step. In the future, you will have to kill more people because there will be another Qi Zhengsheng, Zhuang, and Ren!"

"You can't be this weak, Lu An. You have to get used to this. What you are doing is not wrong so you don't have to feel guilty about it. If you didn't kill them, they would come to kill you and Boss! There's a saying, "Giving mercy to your enemies means you are being cruel to yourself…" Origin's words trailed off.

"Is that, right? Or a pity to your enemies…" Origin seemed not confident with the words it quoted, causing Lu An to chuckle.

"Huh, where did you hear this? Did you hear from Boss?" He shook his head at the Smart AI's antics.

"I heard it from the other survivors… Ah, whatever… Hear me, boy! You are not in the same world as before, there's no longer law, and no one is going to judge you from killing those guys! The World has changed! The strong is the law!"

Origin's robotic voice echoed in the bathroom. Lu An knew what the AI said was true, but he just could not shake the uncomfortable feeling away from his heart. He closed his eyes as the cold shower rained down his body.

"Worried not! You just need to get used to this feeling! Everything will be fine after that, maybe you need one or two to get used to this kind of thing. If you feel the pressure too big, you can get a woman to relieve your stress!"

Lu An's face reddened when he heard the last part and thought, 'The smart AI is starting to get corrupted…'

"Hohoho… So you are still a virgin… Are you afraid of getting rejected? Don't worry! With your status, many women want to climb up onto your bed!" Origin teased the young Lu An.

He turned off the shower and got out of the bathroom with a bathrobe. He did not bother to dry his hair as he immediately collapsed on the bed.

"I am going to sleep, don't you bother me, corrupted AI!"

"Then I won't bother you, but empty your schedule for tomorrow. Master wants to bring you to somewhere, "

"Alright!" Lu An replied with a muffled voice, having his head buried onto the pillow.

Tang Shaoyang was oblivious that his trusted man just experienced a turning point. Currently, he was busy moving his hips at the edge of his bed.

Zhang Mengyao was lying down on the bed with an intoxicated expression. A light and a pleasing moan escaped from her mouth.

She had lost track of the time, but it started when they took a bath together. Despite her refusal in her mind, her body could not refuse the man's advance.

The battle continued until she felt a warm liquid enter her body. Only then Tang Shaoyang stopped, he picked the girl and put her in the middle of the bed.

Despite her ragged bread and exhausted yet satisfied look, Mengyao refused to close her eyes. Her eyes glued to Tang Shaoyang's face.

"What did you do to me, really?" Her voice was soft and pleasant to hear.

Tang Shaoyang merely chuckled at the beauty's inquiry, "Sleep~ You are going to work hard to raise your level tomorrow! Get enough rest, My Beautiful General~"

"But you are not going to leave me, right? You will be staying with me, right? You are different from those jerks, right?" Mengyao suddenly let out a barrage of questions… No, it was not a question, she was seeking confirmation, feeling insecure with their relationship.

Tang Shaoyang smiled widely as he seemed successfully conquering the beauty, "Silly girl!" He planted a kiss on her forehead and continued with a gentle tone, "There's no way I will throw away my beautiful general!"

"I will not leave you and even if you want to leave, I will force you to stay! You are mine, forever!" His tone was firm despite his gentle tone.

Maybe his words convinced her or maybe Zhang Mengyao was too exhausted to keep her eyes open. She closed her eyes and her breathing was stabilized, a sign that she had fallen asleep.

Tang Shaoyang pulled the blanket, covering both of their bodies before he also closed his eyes.

"Good job, Master!"

He heard Origin's voice before he fell into a deep slumber.

The next morning, Tang Shaoyang opened his eyes as the sunlight entered his room. He noticed Mengyao was not on his side as he heard the sound of water from the shower.

He woke up, stretching his body, and left his comfy bed. With his body naked, he walked toward the wardrobe. He took a casual black long sleeve shirt and casual black pants.

After that, Tang Shaoyang dropped his body on the sofa, waiting for the girl to come out.

"Origin! Call Lu An up!"

"Yes, Master!" As usual, Origin's answer was punctual.

"Ah, tell him to bring a coffee with him!"

He rested his head on the sofa and closed his eyes. Not long after that, he heard soft steps from the bathroom's direction.

"I am here!" Tang Shaoyang called.

Mengyao wanted to head to the bedroom but halted her steps when she heard the voice.

She headed toward Tang Shaoyang, wearing a white bathrobe and using a towel to dry her hair. She sat next to her man.

Tang Shaoyang frowned before a mischievous smile formed on his lips, "Why don't you wear your clothes? Are you tempting me?"

Zhang Mengyao rolled her eyes, "Tempting you, your foot! I don't have any clothes! You tore my military uniform as well as my clothes last night!"

"It was not me who tore your military uniform, alright! It was a zombie!"

"Wear my clothes first. I will buy your clothes later! Lu An is coming up, you can't hear that before him!" Tang Shaoyang pointed his finger toward the wardrobe direction.

Mengyao had heard about Lu An, so she nodded and changed to Tang Shaoyang's clothes. His shirt was too big, but it only increased her appeal.

She chose a red shirt and black pants as the wardrobe was filled with the same type of clothes.

Mengyao noticed Shaoyang's fervent gaze on her body. Surprisingly, she did not feel disgusted or detest him.

'Maybe because we have slept together or because he is my man!'

She sat next to Shaoyang and said, "Not this morning, you promised me to bring me to a place to level up!"

"I know! I will save energy for tonight!" Tang Shaoyang grinned.

Not long after that, the door opened and Lu An entered the room with a tray in his hand. Lu An was a bit surprised to see Zhang Mengyao despite receiving a head up from Origin.

Lu An placed the coffee and sat on the opposite of his Boss.

"Good Morning, Boss!"

Tang Shaoyang nodded as he took a sip of the coffee.

"I called you here to introduce her to you…" He told Lu An Zhang Mengyao's identity as someone from the military and a few details of his plan about establishing a military system with Lu An and Mengyao as the center.

"Also, he is my wife!"

Hearing the last sentence, Lu An grinned and greeted Mengyao, "Hello, Lady Boss~ I am…"

"No, Don't call me Lady Boss! Just call me Sister-in-Law will do!" Mengyao refused to be called Lady Boss.

They talked a bit of fifteen minutes before leaving the shelter together.

When they arrived at the destination, Lu An was surprised. The destination was a familiar place to him, Fogged Park.

"We will be hunting the beasts in this park!" Tang Shaoyang declared and turned toward Mengyao, "Don't get too far from me and only kill the dying beast I toss you later, understand?"

Mengyao nodded nervously.

He only instructed Mengyao as he believed Lu An could take care of himself.

He led the party into the Fogged Park. The moment he stepped into the Fogged Park, a notification rang in his head.

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