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Agartha - Quest for the Legacy
Author :usha412
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58 Powers

"Are they your powers?" She asked them.

"No." They answered in unison. As if they read her mind, they said, "This is your true power and only you can control it. Show them that you are not a person who is afraid of anything. Show them that you can rule the world without the help of cruel beings. Show them that they must not look down upon their princess." They couldn't control their enthusiasm upon seeing the legendary power emerge from her body.

"But how?" The biggest challenge for her was how to defeat them, and she was not the one who liked to battle people on whim. She stood there looking at the sky, seeing the mesmerizing sight of a dragon and phoenix entwined in each other's arms. She wondered whether she would have someone who would embrace her in their arms.

She kept on diving more and more into her pool of thoughts and almost lowered her guard, she felt an ice shard coming her way. She was extremely angry at the person who dared to ruin her daydream. She turned slowly and raised her head, glaring at the person. Then, she smiled. Everyone was mesmerized by her smile that they didn't want to blink. Before they could make out of the situation, Olympia commanded the dragon and the phoenix in the sky to take action.

"Dragon Ancestor, Phoenix Ancestor, I don't want to disturb you, but please help me. I need your power to show them that I am not someone they can bully." Olympia pleaded.

"Why should we help you?" Before the Dragon Ancestor could say anything, the Phoenix Ancestor asked, looking proudly at her.

"I know it is not an obligation for you to do so, but please believe me. I need your power to beat them."

"No. We can't help you." She flatly refused. Neither of them opened their mouths to speak. Instead they used spiritual transmittance.

The Dragon Ancestor suddenly said, "Remember, the power only lies within you. It will only help you and you alone." Seeing his wife pout at him, he smiled at her before caressing her hair.

"Darling, she is just a little girl. Have patience, and don't forget why we are here. We are here to protect her."

The Phoenix Ancestor slowly nodded her head and said nothing else, watching the battlefield below with her proud, reddish eyes.

Olympia looked at the people standing in front of her. That person who tried to beckon her soul was still standing there looking warily and the ancestors. Seeing that the Ancestors took no action, he slowly came forward, and tried the same technique again, but saw that his magic didn't work on her. He tried numerous times, but every time he tried, he saw that his magic backfired.

He didn't believe that she would know that art. No one other than the clan ancestor knew that art. He looked warily at Aiden, but couldn't find anything from his expressionless face. But he saw a slight smirk on the lips of Demetria.

A sudden anger overtook his senses as he charged towards Demetria, "You wrench!!" He shouted.

He formed a shard of ice and threw it towards her. But who was Demetria? She was the Queen who had lived for a long time to be scared from the shout of a tiny little animal. He had the power to manipulate souls, but he can never win against the three of them, aka, Olympia, Aiden, and herself.

She took a sidelong glance at the charging dragon and slowly raised her hand and swatted it across the air and soon, the shard of ice was engulfed in flames. No one has ever seen ice catching fire, but the fire burnt brilliantly around the ice and soon, the dragon who was charging towards her fell to the ground and twitched on the ground in extreme agony.

Each and every member of the Dragon Clan was intimidated by her. But they refused to admit defeat. After all, it should be their victory. After getting her heart they planned to make arrangements for it and then slowly burn it in the furnace of the Gods and the essence should be absorbed by their Clan Elders and soon they would reach immortality. The Phoenixes were too gullible to fall in their trap.

The Dragon Clan Elder had scorn written all over his face. Demetria noticed that, but didn't see anything. Since they didn't take action yet, there must be something they are waiting for, and it couldn't be anything good.

Demetria and Aiden looked at each other, the same thoughts clear in their mind. But they wouldn't show the nervousness. He saw everyone looking towards the valley. He hoped it wasn't what he was thinking.

Demetria, too, had the same thoughts as him. The specialty of the Dragon Clan was the home dragon array, some sort of formation exclusive to the Ice-Dragon Clan members only. Neither one can enter the array, nor can they exit it. As soon as they saw the formation in which all the clan members shifted slowly, their bloods chilled.

Neither Aiden nor Demetria imagined that their clan members would use themselves as the center of the array.

"Olympia, listen baby, you gotta run. If what we are thinking is seriously going to happen, then you will die, and your master will be injured."

"Master?" Olympia blinked. She didn't understand what this had got to do with her Master. Neither did she understand why they were asking her to run.

"Yes baby, you need to run. On my count, run from the battlefield, immediately. Here, take this. This will help you pass the magical barrier. Go baby, all the best. We will try some different method to make your power return to you." Aiden patted her head and there was a never-heard urgency in his voice.

"No Father, this time I can't run. This time I shall fight."

"Baby listen to your father. No one can break this formation. Not even me. If they are forming that array, which I am thinking of, I am pretty sure that they decided to take you from here and to leave no one alive."

"But Father, how is this possible? Would they sacrifice their own clan members? Why?"

"Unfortunately, your father doesn't have an answer to this one." Aiden shook his head, deep in thoughts.

In this world, he couldn't force Olympia. He can't change her heart unless someone...

"With the power of the great deities, I hereby…" Before he could summon the person, Demetria held his hands and said, "Have faith in her. This is her battle. We can only provide her ammunition. We can guide her, but never can we fight her battle."


"No buts, Aiden. Listen to me." Demetria placed her hand on his chest and continued, "Since you know the formation and you're from the same clan, there must be some way to break this. Think hard. Come on. We don't have much time in our hands." Demetria urged him, seeing him looking blankly towards a distance.

As her eyes followed his vision, she stiffened.

At a distance, two old men were climbing the mountains, happily chatting with each other. They were none other than both of their fathers.

She looked at Aiden and nudged him saying, "Aren't they dead?"

A guilty look flashed by his face, but he remained silent, lest she understands that he didn't inform her about it. But never in his wildest dreams did he imagine that his father would come here along with that old geezer. Things were a lot clearer now, but he still couldn't figure out why they would do this to him.

He gave away his blood essence to save him. This was really hard for him to digest. He looked at his wife and wanted to say something, when he saw her clear cold eyes. Never did he see her looking at him like that. He knew that there was no chance of providing any explanation to her anymore.

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    《Agartha - Quest for the Legacy》