A Saiyan Reincarnation
32 Chapter 32: Disarmed
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A Saiyan Reincarnation
Author :6ix6ix
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32 Chapter 32: Disarmed

Vocado and the Shining Armored Knight went head to head.

Clashing at one another as the two flew through the sky trying to land a fatal blow.

The red knight had gotten faster and was just narrowly missing each swing of his great sword.

They were moving too fast for the average person to see.

As the two briefly disappeared and reappeared in the sky.

In terms of speed the red knight was faster but Vocado was the only one who managed to land a kick or a punch with every exchange.

Any attack Vocado would throw out a punch or a kick would be either blocked with his shield burning him in the process.

Or tanked by the red armor showing little to no damage.

Vocado was becoming increasingly worried.

Unlike him the red knight did not seem to suffer from fatigue.

Nor did he ever slow down in his relentless attacks and pursuit.

Vocado was barely dodging the laser blade of the great sword from all directions.

He was only alive and able to dodge the attacks with such efficiency thanks to Mr. Popo's training being very similar to the situation.

With every passing moment Vocado became just a bit more sluggish and tired as he started to pant and sweat...

Eventually the relentless attacks and pursuit had triggered unwanted flashbacks to the hyperbolic time chamber.

Making him involuntarily shutter at the memories.

This moment of distraction was just enough time for the red knight to swing his blade and finally catch Vocado.
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Vocado's heart stopped and his eyes went wide as time moved in slow motion.

He saw the blade swinging down and he immediately moved but he already knew it was too late.

Vocado : ("Fuck me.")

Vocado could only helplessly watch what was about to happen.

Shining Armored Knight : "At last you will taste my blade!"


Vocado watched in horror as the blade swung down and sliced his right arm off.

Vocado : "AAGGHH!! MY ARM!!"

The laser sword easily cut through skin flesh and bone like it was butter to a hot knife.

There was no blood splatter as the laser blade cauterized the wound.

The arm was cut clean from the elbow joint.

Sending it free falling into the crater below.

Vocado : "FUCK!-FUCK!-FUCK!"

Vocado trembled as he grabbed the cauterized stump with his left arm, howling in pain.

Vocado : "OWW!!"

Shining Armored Knight : "Shining Slash!"

The red knight charged in ready to end it all with a mighty swing.

Vocado seething with rage and pain powered up before appearing in front of the red knight mid swing closing the gap in an instant.

Vocado : "DIE!"


Uppercutting the red knight with a powerful punch to the face of the helmet.

Leaving a small fist shaped dent.

Pushing him back and making the knight drop his weapon.

Vocado quickly grabbed the laser great sword from the air with one hand.

The red knight had unknowingly met the conditions for causing Vocado's zenkai boost, doubling his power.

Exuding an ominous cold aura Vocado spoke while pointing the weapon at the red knight.

Vocado : "I'm going to shove this sword up your ass!"


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